Designers We Love: PHILIP VANDUSEN

Philip VanDusen is a graphic designer and Principal of Verhaal Brand Design. VanDusen is strong in branding and content marketing. He has a robust YouTube presence and a regular systematic way of distributing information. He uses branded title slides for all of his videos, making them easy to scroll through and find what you are looking for. VanDusen's video are produced with layered graphics and energetic opening music. He currently has 130,000+ followers on YouTube and an incredibly high rate of views relative to his fans.

We love his regular use of numbered list videos. They boil content down to a list of top helpful items; such as, 12 Trends in Web Design, 10 Design Portfolio Tips or 5 Gadgets Every Graphic Designer Needs (video below).

VanDusen's company Verhaal Brand Design does much of the same thing that our company Variation Marketing does, Brand Strategy, Graphic Design and Marketing. However, they have been in business 20 years longer than us and have served major brands like Doritos, Purina, Microsoft and Chevron, to name a few. The companies blog, Brand Muse is worth following.

You can connect with Philip VanDusen & Verhaal Brand Design through their sites at:





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