Designers We Love: WILL PATTERSON

Will Patterson's energy is the first that that will grab you. He is a Logo Designer and Hand Lettering Artist from England and his YouTube channel is most definitely worth following if you are interested in design. We get push notifications any time a new video comes out so we can check out his latest. Patterson is great about bringing you right inside his personal sketch book. He shows you from start to finish how he comes up with his designs. Another thing we love from his YouTube channel are his Logo Critiques. Patterson pulls no punches and provides great feedback for consideration on logos submitted by followers. Here is a sample of one of his videos. . . and he has signature crazy hair.

With a primary focus on lettering and logos, you will find much of that type of content in his portfolio. An example is below.

Monetizing his YouTube channel is a strength for Patterson. The guy is really brilliant in that way. He has nearly 300,000 subscribers to his channel and at this point, all of his videos have sponsors. He not only talks about logo design and lettering, he also has great insight into business, organization and product reviews. In his online store, you can purchase some of his original fonts. He travels the globe teaching at LogoType workshops. You can connect with Will Patterson via: YouTube







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