Dreaming of Color... and Vacation!

I have been searching for the perfect shade of blue for one of our clients. Who knew finding the perfect hue would be so challenging! Through that process, I have come across a few sites that have taken a photo of a beautiful natural scene and pulled the colors from it to create the most magnificent color combinations. This made me think of all of the incredible vacations Mike and I have been blessed to take together. I thought I must have beautiful photos that I can do the very same thing with and so I tried a few from our 25th Anniversary Trip out west. The colors represented here can be used for everything from design work to paint colors. Feel free to grab a code, if you see something you like.

I hope you enjoy the combinations and I look forward to hearing if you'd like to see more!

Blues, browns, green, HEX Colors
Color Palette Moab, Utah

Blues, beige, deep green, golden, HEX colors
Color Palette Jackson Hole, Wyoming

blue, coral, brown, clay, beige, sand, HEX Colors
Color Palette Bryce Canyon, Utah

All of this looking at vacation photos has me ready for a new adventure. I am going to start looking for our next get away right now!

- Patti

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