IMS - New Brand System

In honor of race day in Indiana, let's look at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's new brand system.

According to a recent article "The logo will serve as part of a new branding system that will feature it as part of future logo designs, as well."

At the core of all things branding, this consistency seems like a good step for IMS. I admire the 2019 logo and the incorporation of the bricks behind the shield. The colors of red, white, blue and gold are very nice. This new brand system logo gives the forever iconic IMS Wheel and Wing logo the honor it is due by wrapping it in gold and placing it on top of the contrasting navy backdrop. The new tagline messaging is spot on.

Yet, I find a part of myself torn. Do we really want a consistent racing event logo for the Indy 500 or will it quickly become boring? I have already heard from lifelong race fans, the concern for their pin, flag and program collections. This group of die-hard fans may not want a logo that looks the same every year. The variety adds to the joy of collecting. The creativity put into the annual themes and excitement of seeing the logo reveal, will also be a shame to lose.

So, we wait to see what this means with the release of future logos. Will it only be a date change on the same logo? Love to hear your thoughts!

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