Website Reveal

What a fun project! I have always loved rehabbing things. In this case it was a website that was stuck within the confines of an old VistaPrint Template. It was long overdue for a refresh.

We met with the client to discuss his vision for the site, determine what content was important to keep from the old site, what could be deleted and what new elements needed to be added.

The old site is gone now, so before the cut over, I captured a .GIF of the old home page using ScreenToGif. Nicke Manarin did a very nice job creating this program. I can think of all kinds of great uses for it and it works so easily. Anyway, this handy tool allows me to show you the transformation.

Please keep us in mind if you know of anyone who needs a website built! We would be grateful for the opportunity to help them create something that fits their industry and brand.

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